Multifamily Bond Financing Program

Multifamily Bond Financing Program 

The CDC expands the supply of affordable housing by issuing multifamily mortgage revenue bonds through the Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles (Housing Authority).

What is the Multifamily Bond Program?

Since 1984, the Housing Authority has issued more than $650 million in mortgage revenue bonds for multifamily housing. The bonds are issued to developers to finance low- and moderate-income housing for families.

The County may issue either tax-exempt or taxable bonds.  Taxable bonds would generally be issued only in combination with tax-exempt bonds.  Taxable bonds do not require an allocation of bond authority from the California Debt Limit Allocation Committee (CDLAC).

Multifamily Bond Financing

  • Public Benefit

  • Location

  • Priority Projects

  • Application Requirements

  • Bond Counsel

  • Finance Team Approval

  • Independent Study

Types of Bonds

  • Tax-Exempt Private Activity Bonds

  • Taxable Bonds

  • Bond Rating and Credit Enhancement Requirements

Cost of Issuance

  • Housing Authority Fees

  • Housing Authority Indemnity